Tuesday, August 7, 2012

jumpsuit, etc.

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It's a sickness, really.  But unlike other sicknesses, this one leaves me feeling incredibly comfortable, breezy, relaxed and apparently, attractive to lovely old women.

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I wore this Friday morning on our weekly breakfast date.  As were getting into the car, a super sweet older woman made a beeline through the parking lot to catch up with me just to tell me how much she loved my outfit.  It was hands down one of the sweetest things ever and by far, the highlight of my day.  I love the instant camaraderie that can form between generations through something as simple as fashion.  And sartorial acceptance from an older generation always make me feel like I've nailed.  As though I've found a style that reaches beyond my own personal attributes and becomes accessible to the masses, regardless of age, taste, budget, etc.

Yep, all that from a jumpsuit...

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Jumpsuit from last year, $12 (Get the look on sale!)
CK Jeans platforms, $44 on sale (Get them here!)
Vintage scarf from mom's closet
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