Tuesday, August 14, 2012

summer black

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Wow, it's been a long week!

I hate not having the opportunity to blog more.  Mostly because it means that I'm not doing a very good time at planning my days and managing my time.  But this is my week.  This is the week I get my sh!t together.  After all, it's only Tuesday - I've got some time/

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For the first time since 1993, I bought a new pair of Converse sneakers.  In sixth grade, I had a pair of dark green hi-tops Chuck Taylors and eighth grade came with a pair of blue suede Jack Purcells.  Needless to say, I was due.  So, this week, I treated myself to a pair of grey One Stars.  Yay!  I even saved myself $18 by getting a pair in kids sizes, rather than adult.

I'm strangely excited to work these into my style.  There's something so effortlessly cool about a casual pair of kicks paired with a grown-up style.

And what better to pare down than a head to toe black look for summer?

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Monochromatic | Everybody, Everywear  

Old jumpsuit, $11 (Get the look!)
Sears sleeveless jacket, $25 (Get the fancy look!)
Target Chucks, $12 with gift card (Get your own!)

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