Wednesday, September 5, 2012

chevron and chains

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I'm not entirely sure when I wore this outfit, but I can say with 100% certainty that I loved it and will wear it again.  And again.  This dress has become a summer favorite, worn loose and free.  This time, I decided to take into pre-fall territory with a cinched waist, chain necklace and black booties.

8-29-12 3 8-29-12 4

For as much as I simply adore the summer, I'm always surprised at how late August makes me so, so anxious for fall.  Sure, I'm excited for new clothes (there may have been some fall shopping last week and about 20 pounds worth of fall issues just might be residing on my coffee table), but it's so much more.  I look forward to the beauty of fall, the smell of pumpkin, dried leaves and campfires.  Cool, crisp nights will always have my heart and I even got my first taste of a sweet, sweet honey crisp apple this past week - oh, how I've missed them!  Even more than all of that, it's a fresh start for so many other things.  A deep breath and renewed ambition for the future.

So, here goes nothing!

8-29-12 5 8-29-12 6 
Ross dress, $20 (Get the look!)
Target booties, $13 (Get the look!)
Old necklace found on clearance, $6 (Get the look!)

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