Sunday, September 2, 2012

gone in an instant

half Go dolls! Holy giant strawberry. Love the new cut with curls! Hells Mels Summertime!  Green smoothie, sweet cherries and half bagel FTW Gonna miss you like crazy. Niagra Niagra mels and kaos Iggy and I had a little adventure ... 3 miles and 1 summer rain storm = 2 wet rats new hair

Living in one of the biggest university town's in the country, it is painfully obvious when summer comes to an end.  Painfully.  It does not seem possible that fall is here, and I have no idea where the last 3 months went.  But, according to my instagram, I was having lots of fun along the way.

Standing on the threshold of cooler weather, life-changing opportunities and let's face it, new clothes, I can't help to forge into the new season with nothing but hope and excitement.

My summer in a nutshell:
my second half-marathon | lots and lots and lots of derby!
giant fruit | new haircut
back road adventures | ICE CREAM!
green smoothies | saying good-bye to great friends
niagra falls while training for a new job | derby love
walks in the rain | new haircut #2

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