Monday, September 10, 2012

peacock peplum

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Holy whirlwind of a couple of weeks!  It feels so good to have had a whole weekend to do weekend-type things, followed by a casual Monday working at home and cooking soups for the week.  It's pretty much the perfect fall day outside.  And inside, there's a pot of black bean soup and one of butternut squash soup on the stove.  Smells delightful!

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I've gotten a serious sewing bug lately.  Reading Mimi's blog is most likely responsible for it.  It's contagious, I swear!  I spent last weekend and this past weekend delving into project after project.  So far, I have completed a dress and cut out another dress and pair of pants.  Though my favorite of them all so far it this beautifully printed peplum top.  I actually impressed myself on this one ... even if it was insanely easy!

(My suddenly-obsessed sewing self also attacked the side seams on this skirt finally.  It's amazing how taking in the bottom about 2-3 inches can give a skirt a whole new appeal.  This is how a pencil skirt should fit!)

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Hand-made top from Vogue pattern V8815 (Get the look or make your own!)
Ralph Lauren skirt on clearance, $20 (Get the look - I may have just bought this in 2 colors!)
JCPenney shoes, $30 (Get the look!)

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