Monday, September 24, 2012

weekend warrior: forever young

outdoor derby

Epic, epic weekend.  A couple of my best derby buds and I went to NJ to guest skate for a team that we've fallen in love with.  We didn't know until we got there that we actually got to play outside!!!  Just a big ole' slab of concrete and a roof.  Even through the rain storm, it was amazing.  Winning didn't hurt!


To keep the awesome going, we celebrated 'til the wee hours of the morning (like, 5AM wee hours of the morning) at a friend's farm with a big campfire, tents, stars, yummy beverages, the whole sh'bang.  Even a tire swing!  Apparently five grown women can, indeed, fit on one tire swing.


On the way home, we stopped by my old stomping grounds for a trip to the Bloomsburg Fair.  Of course, I grew up with it, so it doesn't seem as fascinating these days.  But nothing turns a couple of late-20's ladies into distracted children quite like fried food, birch beer and insanely expensive rides.  I do love this picture, though!

I went from the fair directly to derby practice where I got to meet our new crop of freshies.  So fun!  Unfortunately, this morning has got me feeling not quite forever young ... but totally worth ever ache and pain.

What'd you do this weekend?
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