Monday, October 8, 2012

blondie mcgee

10-3-12 1 10-3-12 2

I must have inadvertently changed a setting on my camera or in Photoshop, because my last 3 days of outfit photos are pixelated.  In true Kyla fashion, I immediately deleted all the original files after editing and before final publishing.  Le sigh...

Until I figure out what I did, small photos it is.

10-3-12 3 10-3-12 4

In other news, I'm officially a blond again!  I say again, because I was actually blond until my mid-twenties.  My hair darkened practically the day I turned 26, I swear.  I've been shying away from going blond for a while now due to the fear of being orange and the fear of the upkeep.  But this is what happens when one of your best friends is an amazing colorist.  You throw caution to the wind and bleach the ever-living crap out of your hair ... and absolutely love it.

Unfortunately, she's not going to be around forever.  So, maybe a pixie cut in my future?  We shall see.

10-3-12 5 10-3-12 6

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  1. Your hair looks fab and your dog is adorable.

  2. Loving the little pop of animal print on your shoes. I hope you manage to figure out your photoshop woes.


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