Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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Not gonna lie - I think my title is kind of funny.  Almost as quirky and weird as my new little sweater.  I figure if I can't test run this baby in October, then when can I?

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I'm a pretty huge fan of this outfit (and the super action shot of Iggy).  While I love the look of shirt cuffs peeking out of a sweater, I really love the comfort of a sleeveless collared shirt layered under a sweater.  It just makes moving so much easier, and for these mild fall days, it's not as warm.  This particular one was a little too big, so I only buttoned the top button and then wrapped the rest of the shirt under the sweater.  I like how the shirt tails look just a bit off-kilter.  Notice a theme?

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JCPenney boys sweater, $20 (Get the look!)
Hand-me-down shirt (Get the look!)
Target skirt, $20 (Get your own!)
Target booties, $13 (Get the look!)

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