Friday, October 19, 2012

minty cran

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Lately, I've been feeling a bit off.  Just one too many uncertainties and life decisions I suppose.  Whatever it is, it's left me sapped.  Unmotivated, uncreative and just blah.  Well, enough is enough.  Right now, I seem to have the one thing I always wish for ... time.  Time to invest in myself, time to do what I like and time to get my sh!t together!  Granted, I have much higher expectations of my productivity than anyone else, which of course, is ridiculous and a lot of unnecessary pressure.  So, I'm going to relax.  Take the time I always wish for and the lucky position I am in that I do have some time, and find my focus again.  It's amazing how a little reorganization, make-up and a spiffy fall outfit can change a girl's mood.

10-18-12 3 10-18-12 4

I even got off my arse and took some pretty pictures.  I loved this outfit.  I love the monochromatic look from the waist down with the almost unexpected kick of mint.  Add a little fall-inspired (and practically required) cognac, and it's downright perfect.

Here's to a productive, creative and relaxing weekend!

10-18-12 6 10-18-12 5

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  1. Your dog is a dreadful model lol


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