Wednesday, October 10, 2012


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I seem to have over-loaded my closet with knit pencil skirts this fall.  This just may be number four.  I can't help it, though!  They're comfy, easy to style and make me feel pretty darn good.  I'm definitely eking our the last few bare-legged days of fall.  Usually, I can make it to November sans tights, but it's been brisk to say the least.
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Under my bedroom light, this skirt took on an off-white coloring.  In the daylight, it looks straight-up black, grey and white.  It's split personality left me with split feelings on this sweater-skirt combo.  At the end of the day (when I was back inside, of course), I really liked it.  It's definitely a more neutral spin on the reptile print, but I can't wait to turn up the volume a bit next time I style it!

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