Tuesday, November 6, 2012

fox for a fox

11-5-12 1 11-5-12 2

Haha!  That's what John said, anyway.

 Turns out, I am HUGE proponent of daylight savings.  Not only will I never turn down an extra hour to sleep (seriously, can we do that every weekend?), but that little extra boost in time led to a huge boost in my weekend productivity on Sunday.  By 11am, I had gone to Target, the grocery store, roasted butternut squash and made spinach pie.  Booyah!

11-5-12 3 11-5-12 4 11-5-12 5

Of course, shopping before your morning coffee can lead to some impromptu purchases.  You know, like a sweater dress with a freakin' fox on it!  I couldn't resist, though.  And if I get over the sweater dress part of it, I can easily shorten it to be a sweater.  (I will have to share my sweater-shortening trick soon.)

What did you do with your extra hour?


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Target dress. $25 (Get the look - dress not available online)
Target beanie, $4 (Get your own)
Old Navy trench, old (Get the look)
White Mtn. boots, old (Get the look)

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  1. Love this dress on you lady!

  2. Love it! Just got this dress too!


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