Monday, November 12, 2012

passed down

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After my grandmother passed away, I inherited heaps of vintage clothing that she had stored among the many closets in her decades old farmhouse.  I have so many fond memories of sifting through those closets when I was young.  They were full of hand-made treasures, well-worn hats - many still in their boxes, quality handbags (and in some cases, designer), and imported pieces from all over the world.

This particular dress has been sitting in my closet ever since I brought it home nearly 6 years ago.  At first, it just didn't fit.  After that, I think I just plain old forgot about it.  But I've always had a faint memory of the black background and vibrant flowers - and all the sifting through fashion magazines of the season once again sparked the memory.  Once I slipped it on, I fell in love.

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It from an Italian clothing maker, and I think I would place it in the 60's or 70's.  There's a pretty good possibility that it wasn't my grandmother's at all and may have belonged to a great aunt that I never knew.  I can't wait for Thanksgiving to get here - maybe someone will remember its actual origins.

Few things bring such satisfaction as a sartorial connection to loved ones who are no longer here.  It's no secret that I love clothes, and the fact that this number is still around means that someone else in my family tree felt the same way.

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Vintage dress, inherited (Get the look!)
Report Marks booties, $50ish (Get you own!)
JCP jacket, $20 on super clearance last year (Get the look!)
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  1. that dress is absolutely gorgeous. what's the verdict on the Report booties? Are they comfy? Stable? I've been shopping around for a pair and have noticed everyone & their mother is selling their own version...

  2. I like mine quite a bit. They are about 2.75" rise, but not too narrow and wear really comfy. I'm a heels wuss, so if I can wear them ...

  3. A beautiful dress and a very nice outfit. I love the pattern and color scheme.

  4. Stunning! Love the shoes and the jacket.

  5. I absolutely love florals on a back/dark background... there is something so darkly pretty about that. Tough yet beautiful. This looks especially awesome paired with your red boots! :)

  6. This outfit makes me feel happy. I am especially in love with those bright red booties!!

  7. What a gorgeous piece. And knowing there's someone else's story behind it makes it that much better. Make sure you fill us in on the origins, should you discover them!

  8. That dress is so lovely. I hope you can find out more about its origins and history.

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  10. simply gorgeous piece ! goodabout Review blog.


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