Wednesday, November 21, 2012

street chic

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I'm kind of in love with this outfit.  It's several of my favorite pieces, so really, what's not to love?  In my humble opinion, the boots are pretty much killin' it.  And by killin' it, I of course mean they are bad ass and exactly what this outfit needed.  After talking them online all last week, I was super stoked to find one lonely pair in my size at Burlington Coat Factory in Pittsburgh this past Sunday ... for a THIRD of what they cost online!  It was birthday kismet, I suppose.

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Other things I love.  PIE!  Anyone else gearing up for T-day?  First, I'm gearing up for a nice long 9 mile race tomorrow morning.  This will be the third year I'm running and would really like to improve my time this year - even if only by a minute.  Then, it's time for yummy Thanksgiving day dinner.  But let's be honest ... I'm showing up for the pie!

To all you Americans out there have a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Vince Camuto pants via TJMaxx (Get your own!)
JCP jacket (Get the look!)
Burlington Coat Factory boots (Get the look!)
No label sweater (Get the look!)
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  1. You are adorable in that outfit!! Love it so much - that jacket is fabulous! Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  2. That jacket!! Wow, I love it.

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  4. I really liked the pattern in your jacket (and your cute dog!). Hope you had a great Thanksgiving xx

  5. Hey sis! Luv dis blog!! imma small city gurl livin in a messed up world, but luvin fashion. LUV THE SHOES!

  6. Oops, not your best. But you are still ADORABLE,

  7. You look gorgeous!!! I'm loving those pants, and I agree that your boots totally MAKE the outfit! Love!


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